W3C Mobile Web Initiative Field Trial

Mobile Web

Although many mobile devices can already access the Web, actually browsing the Web from a mobile device is often a frustrating experience. Users normally find that their favourite Web sites are not accessible or more difficult to use on their mobile phone compared with their desktop computer. Content authors have difficulties building Web sites that work well on all types and configurations of mobile phones that offer Web access.

The W3C Mobile Web Initiative will initially focus on two areas: best practices and mobile device descriptions.

The Mobile Web Best Practices Working Group will develop authoring guidelines, check lists and best practices to help content providers produce Web content that works well on mobile devices. The Device Description Working Group is focused on addressing the development of improved device description solutions – a database of descriptions that can be used by content authors to adapt their content to a particular device.

Different concepts and examples are in place for future based testing and for achieving better results to the general user. As well as web the mobile effort needs to be worked on for a broader spectrum of misconceptions and use. Ideas; like this website have; are free to use from mobiles in the UK, and the growing application design and implementation on the smart phone. However one thing is clear, when it comes to phones there will always be a need for the development factors to be simple and effective and put the user first.

Help Shape the Web on Mobile Devices

To establish users’ preferred method of navigation on small screens, such as mobile phones, the MWI is calling for participants to take part in a field trial that will help shape how best practice guidelines are created.